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  Customer Comments  
Read what proud owners of a PageKeeper have to say...
"I bought one of these years ago at a bookstore. When I went back to replace it they no longer carried them. I don't know why. They are the best bookmarks ever!"     TH, Mt. Sterling, KY
"I just wanted to let you know that I love your product!!! I received one as a gift last year, and now I can't go back to my former bookmark life! :) I just ordered this one for my friend's birthday, and he loved it - so did everyone at the party."     SJC, Nashville, TN
"The PageKeeper®(s) came today. Love them. I read paperbacks all the time - particularly in my nightly bubble bath. This makes turning the pages so effortless. I was told about these by a 77 year old friend of mine..."     TC, Gold Beach, OR
"About 6 months ago I purchased a marvelous product called: PageKeeper, a book marker put out by your company. I have since lost the “PageKeeper” but I kept the box because I knew I would want more of these great little guys."     KB, Sugar Land, TX
"It was such a pleasure to give them to friends and family. We do most of our reading in bed and often go to sleep. It is great to find our place still marked when we wake up!"     EM, Woodbridge, VA
"Some time ago I was given one of your “PageKeeper” bookmarks which I found so very useful compared to other markers which always seem to get lost!"     HHW, Wellington, Somerset, England
"At Christmas I was given one of your “Pagekeeper” book marks. I found it to be one of the best gifts I’d been given. The more I used it, the more I wondered why no one ever designed one that way before. It stayed in place when you closed the book & turning pages was easy. I have trouble with my hands and found your “PageKeeper” helped me. (I read a lot – 4 or 5 books a week) A good product!! "     RGH, Buffalo, NY
"I just had to write and let you know how much I am enjoying the “PageKeeper” I purchased recently. I am an inveterate reader-in-bed and have always experienced some difficulty in keeping my place while lying on my back. With the “PageKeeper”, I no longer have this problem. Thank you for such an innovative solution."     Rev. RR, Parma, OH
"I received one of your PageKeepers as a gift. I just love it."     EL, Hollywood, FL
"I’m certain this is the first time (in all my years) that I’ve read a book and didn’t lose my place many times. Usually I would find I had lost the bookmark or the bookmark had fallen out of the book and I must find my place again. I didn’t lose my place ever using this PageKeeper."     June
"First, I would like to say that I think your PageKeeper bookmark is the greatest. I have bought probably ten of them for my family and friends."     DAD, Drexel Hill, PA
"Thank you for taking care of this order. Fifteen people will be very happy. Happy enough that hopefully all of them will spread the word about your product."     LG, New York, NY
"For Christmas I was given a PageKeeper, and I loved it! Unfortunately, I left it on a book that I returned to the library, so someone else must be enjoying it now."     NTW, Decatur, AL
"I purchased several of your PageKeeper Bookmarks in Ft. Myers, Florida while visiting there this winter. They make wonderful little “take home” gifts."     RY, St. Joseph, MI
"I want to say a word of praise for the PageKeeper. It is a really functional bookmark. It’s the only one I’ve ever used that never fails to keep the place without slipping. It is a joy to use."
"Please send 9 PageKeeper bookmarks. We love your product!"     DJB, Ft. Worth, TX
"I received one of your wonderful Bookmarks for a Christmas present; am enjoying using it so much I would like to order 4 more for my family and friends."     AN, Port McWeill, BC

"It is easy to use.
It is easy to attach by spreading the clip slightly.
It works on thick, thin, large, small, paperback and hard cover books.
It works on magazines.
It is easy to transfer it from book to book.
It lasts – it is made so it doesn’t wear out or disintegrate.
It even looks and feels nice.
It does exactly what I had hoped it would do:
        It keeps my place when I’m done reading:
Whether I gently close the book;
Whether I close it in a hurry (such as when it is time to get off the commuter train – or when my turn arrives in the grocery store check out line);

But most importantly, it keeps my place when I fall asleep while reading at night."     TT, Highland Park, IL

"We are a non-profit service organization and depend primarily on fund raisers and donations for the money we use in our charity and community service projects. I think that your PageKeeper would be an excellent item for fund raising purposes."     KRH, Tehachapi, CA
"Thank you very much for helping me out. I love these bookmarks, and I love giving them to my friends!"     PB, New York, NY
"It’s a wonderful bookmark, and I would like to purchase some more."     CMB, Bella Vista, AK
"A friend gave this to me and it is the greatest little invention!! I’d be lost without mine!"     PC, Bellevue, WA
"Thanks so much for your help. I’m very pleased to have found, at last, the source for this wonderful invention."     DLJ
"I hope you still have a stock of your marvelous PageKeeper. I just gave my last extra one to William F. Buckly, Jr. who is in love with it."     DKM, New York, NY
"Thank you for sending the PageKeeper! Great Product!"     MB, Alexandria, VA
"I love the one I received for a gift at Christmas and would like to buy more for friends!"     MM, Rock Hill, SC
"I was given one of your bookmarks for a present and find it very useful. I would like to order some."     JR, Littleton, CO
"I read a lot and this bookmarker is the best!"     MSC, Breaux Bridge, LA
"I received one of your wonderful Bookmarks for a Christmas present; am enjoying using it so much I would like to order 4 more for family and friends."     MSC, Breaux Bridge, LA
"Recently I received a PageKeeper Novel New Bookmark as a gift and have been very favorably impressed with it. I am interested in purchasing enough for the faculty here at Catholic Central High School."     Sister CS, Troy, NY
"I’ve had a chance to use the product and find it quite functional. I ordered six(6) more PageKeeper units today."     JEH, Glendora, CA
"Please send me 6 PageKeepers. I have enclosed my check. I like mine so well I’m giving them to friends and family for Christmas. Thanks for your assistance."     LEM, Ogunquit , Maine

"I have either heard “The circuits are all busy” over and over every time I tried to call you. I finally decided I must write. Congratulations: The PageKeeper should prove to be a profitable invention."     J

"Your company’s good service amazed me. I never expected to have the PageKeeper to give for Christmas when I called the number on the package. Your prompt action in contacting the local representative and her willingness to deliver to my home the number of items I needed made it possible. I appreciate your assistance. I expect to use and give PageKeeper in the future."     TS
"Someone gave me your PageKeeper bookmark and I find it very practical keeping my place in the many books I read. I would like to order a few of them."     OC, Lenoir, NC
"The women of St. Peter’s United Church of Christ are interested in selling these bookmarks as a fundraiser, so I am inquiring about them to see if it would be feasible."     RY, St. Joseph, MI
"I have so enjoyed using it I would like to pass some on to more friends."     JC, Los Angeles, CA

"Please send me 7 of your PageKeeper bookmarks. I will be traveling and want the marks for gifts. I think the bookmark is a first class approach to an age old problem and will make an excellent gift."     HDM, Ft. Pierce, FL

"Last year I purchased 8 PageKeepers through a catalogue. Having found them very useful and make an interesting gift to friends I attempted to purchase more this year. My daughter-in-law would also be interested to purchasing some. Please advise me at your earliest convenience."     EWO, Winnipeg , Manitoba

"I received a PageKeeper as a gift and I have quite enjoyed it."     POK, Winston Salem, NC

"Some time ago I purchased the PageKeeper and liked it very much. I would like to purchase several more."     RW, Bristol, CT

PageKeepers Make Perfect Gifts!
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