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  Famous People  

It’s amazing the people that have received a PageKeeper at one time or another– some by request, others provided to them by a friend or presented to them at a trade show.

Trade Show Stories

Margaret Thatcher

Well surrounded by security, Scott Capamaggio presented a PageKeeper to Margaret Thatcher, former Prime Minister of England at an ABA trade show in Miami, Florida. Mr. Capamaggio also seized the moment to have Margaret Thatcher autograph a PageKeeper package.

Terry Anderson
While walking around a trade show armed with PageKeepers, Scott Capamaggio came across an attendee who noticed his badge. The attendee proceeded to ask where he was from. This person, who was formally from the area where Capamaggio once lived, was none other than Terry Anderson, former Lebanon hostage and author of Den of Lions. Anderson was the longest-held Western hostage in Lebanon. He was held captive in Beirut for 2,455 days (6 ½ years). Anderson introduced Capamaggio to his wife Madeleine Bassil and his daughter Sulome. They were being interviewed nearby. Anderson told him his daughter was quite the avid reader, so he presented them with PageKeepers. In return, Anderson autographed an excerpt from Den of Lions.

Larry King
Larry King was given a PageKeeper at a trade show.

Dr. Ruth

Robert Allen
Author of Nothing Down Real Estate

Wally Amos (Famous Amos)
Known for his famous chocolate chip cookies and author of several books. Wally Amos is now the spokesperson for Chip & Cookie based in Kailua Town, Hawaii and a professional speaker. Mr. Capamaggio and others recently visited the Book Expo in Washington DC where they ran into Famous Amos. They presented him a PageKeeper as Wally gave them one of his new books. Wally looked at how the PageKeeper worked and the first words out of his mouth were "THAT’S FANTASTIC! Let me see that!”


William F. Buckly Jr.

Keith Mano


The names listed above are not meant to be endorsements. They are simply facts about the day and life of a PageKeeper. We just find it interesting how this amazing little bookmark finds its way around and touches people of all walks of life. If you know of other famous PageKeeper People please share their names with us, so we can continue to observe the journey as the PageKeeper travels the world.

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