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More Real Letters from Real People:

"Hey - great product. I sold out within the week after delivery!" KCG, Kernersville, NC
"I bought one of these years ago at a bookstore. When I went back to replace it they no longer carried them. I don't know why. They are the best bookmarks ever!"  TH, Mt. Sterling, KY
"I received your great PageKeeper as a gift from Montana – Do you have an outlet (rep?) in the Seattle, WA area?" MEM, Bothell, WA
"I like your spring clip bookmark very much. No place in my town has them." GC, Warren, PA

"Recently I contacted your company to inquire about your product, the PageKeeper. I found it during a recent stay in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I live in Phoenix, Arizona, and when I returned home I tried to locate a store where I could purchase more. I was disappointed when I was unable to find it anywhere.

The representative whom I spoke with was very pleasant and accommodating. He informed me of three business establishments in Arizona that do sell the PageKeeper (located in Mesa, Scottsdale, & Tucson)."
VY, Phoenix, AZ

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"I had a friend from Virginia show me hers this summer and she told me how great they were. I also think they are wonderful and would like to purchase some for Christmas presents. I have called practically every book store in Greensboro, NC and searched on all my travels to the beach, mountains, etc. in all gift/book stores and cannot find them anywhere.

I am truly interested in this PageKeeper and would really like to know any gift/book shops that you sell to in NC, Virginia, or SC. I travel a lot and could check these states as well. I prefer of course North Carolina stores preferably Greensboro, NC but any North Carolina place I may have access to. Please send me this information. I feel you have a great product – wish I could sell them for you. They are the greatest for anyone that reads a lot or any at all.

Thank you very much for your prompt response. I have 11 birthdays in November to buy gifts for."
SW, Greensboro, NC
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"This summer, I ran across your very delightful “PageKeeper” bookmarks in a bookstore in Cortez, CO. I bought all they had, some 26 bookmarks. I am using several, and have given away almost all the rest as gifts. Now, I’m almost out of them." PSC, Casa Grande, AZ

"I am writing to inquire about your “PageKeeper” Novel New Bookmark. I purchased one of these last winter in Florida. It’s wonderful!! I’ve used it and shared it with friends. They all like it!! I would appreciate information as to where I can purchase several more. My friends keep asking!!" HSF, Fayetteville, NY

"Could you please tell me if there is someplace in my area ( Decatur, Huntsville) that carries this item? I would like to replace mine, and buy several more. What a great stocking stuffer for my family of readers! If there is no store in my area that carries the PageKeeper, would it be possible to order 10 directly form you?" NTW, Decatur, AL

What are you waiting for?
"I received one of your PageKeeper book marks as a gift and being an avid reader, it has become on e of my prize possessions! The person that gave it to me purchased it outside the state of California and I would like to know if they are sold anywhere in the Kern or Los Angeles county areas." KRH, Tehachapi , California

"Last month I was in Ottawa, Canada and purchased your “novel new bookmark” the PageKeeper. I love it and would like to purchase more. Do you have a place near me in Michigan that distributes your PageKeeper? If not, could I order some by mail. I’d like to purchase 10-20 of these for the holiday season." DL, Garden City, MI

"I had purchased the book marker for my husband who is disabled and an avid reader and he thought it was wonderful. I have tried all the bookstores in Auburn but have been unable to find another one. I would be interested in purchasing three of them if you could tell me where I might be able to get them or where I could order them. Thank you." MS, Auburn, NY
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"You all sent me 2 ea. “PageKeepers”; and I immediately sent one to a good friend and former four-way partner in a very successful little industrial safety equipment company down in Houston, Texas. Wes loves to read; so I knew he’d appreciate the PageKeeper, and he did…in spades!

I’ve haunted Hallmark Card Stores as well as bookstores trying to find a local outlet…all to no avail!

Oh yes, I used the second PageKeeper…until someone evidently thought they needed it much more than I did! So…I’m back in the hunt!

An outstanding product such as yours needs to have the-word-spread-around…I’d say particularly in bookstores; and as a shrink-pak point-of-sale item for racks!" BH, Riverside, CA
"I purchased one of your remarkable bookmarks at a boutique in Volant, Pennsylvania. I am so delighted with it and would like to purchase at least five more." BG, Bridgewater, PA
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"I was given a PageKeeper (Novel New Bookmark) as a gift for Christmas. I am so pleased with it and would like to give some as gifts. I have called the major book stores in the area and haven’t been able to find it. I live in Deltona, FL which is halfway between Orlando and Daytona Beach." MMH, Deltona, FL

"Please send me 3 of those PageKeeper Novel New Bookmarks. I was given one for a gift. I have looked but can’t find these." DH, New Eagle, PA

"Having received your “PageKeeper” as a gift, I am enjoying it immensely. I would like to purchase several for gifts but am unable to find it in any bookshops. Please send me the name of a shop where you have sold them in the Daytona, FL area – also in the Scrauton, PA area. Thank you in advance for this information." VEH, Ormond Beach, FL

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"Enclosed is a check for twenty more PageKeepers. I intend to use these for gifts. I‘ve decided to keep the ten previously purchased PageKeepers just for myself. I frequently start reading a new book or magazine before I’ve finished the last one. You have my admiration for producing PageKeepers so that they function perfectly – even beyond my original expectations. As a stock broker, with one of the worlds largest investment firms, I’ve a lot of required reading, but it is my insatiable curiosity that is the real motivator. Last year I started reading over 90 books, and finished reading over 50 books. The PageKeeper makes reading more enjoyable. I expect I’ll be finishing even more books in the future." TT, Highland Park, IL

"I live in San Diego, CA and receive my PageKeeper as s gift from someone from Northern Calif. Since then I have looked everywhere for more of these to give as gifts. Unfortunately I have not even found any store or clerk that has them or knows what I am talking about. Would you please help me! Would you send me a list of stores that have these here inSan Diego, La Mesa, Spring Valley or El Cajon, Calif." JW, El Cajon, CA

"I have one of your “PageKeeper” bookmarks and have given several of them as gifts. Now when I want more, I find they are unavailable and have been for some time. I have called and checked most of the bookstores, novelty shops and card shops (originally found them in a card shop) and no one in this area seems to have them. I would appreciate your advising me as to where they may be purchased in the Miami/Miami Beach area." LS, Miami Beach, FL

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"Last year, while traveling, I purchased one of your bookmarks as a souvenir of President Franklin Roosevelt’s home in Warm Springs, Georgia. Now I have problem. My problem, I love the thing and I cannot find any store in the area which handles them." GWL, Mansfield, OH

"I was given this handy little bookmark and have lost it." AP, Seattle, WA
"I can’t believe that bookstores don’t carry this product." RDE, Horsham, PA
"I would like you to know how much I enjoy using this handy little device. I’ve spread the word to family and friends and they’ve purchased a few as gifts and for themselves. Unfortunately, the gift shop in the Driftwood Plaza in Jupiter, Florida where I originally bought mine has gone out of business so there is no place close to me where I can purchase more." CC, Jupiter, FL
We are waiting!
"I am quite interested in purchasing several for gifts especially for Christmas. Please let me know how or where I can obtain these bookmarks." SHW, Greensboro, NC

"I purchased one of your remarkable bookmarks at a boutique in Volant, Pennsylvania. I am so delighted with it and would like to purchase at least five more. I am not able to find any in the local stores. I would like to use these as stocking stuffers." BG, Beaver, PA

"I am very interested in purchasing several of your PageKeepers. None of the stores carry your product here and I’d like to order in from you directly." PC, Bellevue, WA
"Thanks for your help in trying to locate the bookmarks in Chicago. It’s a shame that there are none in the Chicago loop area. They make great stocking stuffers for Christmas." DLD, Chicago, IL
We thank you in advance for your order!

"I recently purchased one of your “PageKeepers” and have kicked myself even more for not buying more. They are wonderful! I’m a voracious reader and always on the alert for some gadget that will hold a book open effortlessly, and your product is the very best on the market. I am so impressed with it that I would like to merchandise it for you, if we could work out an arrangement for that. In the meantime, I would like to place my order at this time for 6 more PageKeepers." EB, Irvington, NJ

"Please send another PageKeeper bookmark. I love the one I have but am unable to find them anywhere local." JS, Clarksburg, NJ

"Several years ago I found a small supply of your PageKeeper bookmarks in a gift shop in New Richmond, Wisconsin. I bought all they had (10) and gave them to other avid readers in my circle of friends. Since then I have inquired in every bookstore all across the country for more. I only have one left and I fear that some envious person will run off with it. Where can I find a supplier? They make wonderful gifts! I will await your reply with great anticipation." RB, Cerritos, CA

"I received one of your PageKeepers as a gift. I just love it. I tried to find more in the local bookstores to no avail. I wish to purchase 4 dozen of them to give as gifts." EL, Hollywood, FL

Now are you ready to order?
"I was wondering if you could tell me of where I can buy the PageKeeper book mark. I had bought two at the bookstore but they don’t have any left. I really love them. Thank you for your help." BAS, Leominster, MA

"I have tried to find the PageKeeper marker at all the book stores in San Antonio. It was a gift and everyone who sees it wants one. I would like to secure 6 of them." MK, San Antonio, TX

"I recently received the PageKeeper Bookmark as a present and I love it. I would like to get more for friends, but can’t seem to locate them." LB, Deltona, FL
"I was absolutely delighted when the PageKeepers arrived today. Thank you for your attention, and I shall be ordering some more of them after Christmas as I have other friends I would like to give them to." JHH, Dunkirk, NY
"The ingenuity and simplicity in design of your Automatic Bookmark impressed me. I would like very much to own one of your products, but have been disappointed not to find it in retail stores." MG, New Braunfels, TX
Convinced Yet?
"I have not found these bookmarks in other stores. I would appreciate finding a way to purchase more in time for Christmas." NIC, Lebanon, PA
"Now we come to the “hard-part”. Exactly how do I become the proud owner of several of your devices?" BH, Riverside, CA

"I received one of your PageKeepers for Christmas and like it so much, I’d like to buy some more for gifts and for myself. Are they sold anywhere in greater Rochester?" EM, Pittsford, NY

"I was given your PageKeeper bookmark and I absolutely can’t live without it. Before it I was always losing my place in my book. Now I want to get a few more for some of my friends and family and I can’t find them around here." DJP, Morris, AL

PageKeepers Make Perfect Gifts!
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